Unique in the area of net blotch and rust – the ideal admixture partner for azoles or SDHIs. TOMEC® is a fungicide of the FRAC C3 active ingredient group and contains the active ingredient pyraclostrobin 200g/ltr, also known as F 500.

Strobilurins act on mitochondria and thus inhibit cellular respiration in fungi.

TOMEC® is distributed locally and translaminar in the plant, thus also protecting deeper tissue layers. In addition, a protective depot is formed on the wax layer of the crop plant.

In addition to the significant effect against rust in cereals, the strong net blotch effect in barley is of great importance, as no mutation can occur here.

Rhynchosporium and other diseases are also covered.

TOMEC® is used as a protective agent and is an excellent mixing partner for azoles or SDHI products


Pyraclostrobin 200g/l


Zwerg-, Gelb-, Braun und Haferkronenrost

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